London Marathon Schedules Another Conflict With Jewish Holiday

The Ugly Truth


Ed-note (Sabba) – Since when have jews been known for excelling in sports in general and in the Marathon in particular? What is the pourcentage of jews taking part to such world sports event compared to the pourcentage of Gentiles? They are now having their own exclusive “Olympics” in Berlin, where no goyim is allowed to take part to, where no goyim has been invited to. So why is it such a big deal for them that the London Marathon falls on a jewish holiday? I do not believe Muslims raise “their concerns” whenever the football worldcup or any other event falls on the month of Ramadan. It really defies belief to read such stories. A baby boy has been burned alive but the only thing that matters to some jews living in the UK is that the London Marathon will fall on a jewish holiday. Their obscenity really…

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